Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carter's First Surgery

February 1, marked a first for Carter.  This was the day he underwent his first Sinus surgery to remove nasal polyps.  His nasal passages had become almost completely blocked, which caused him a lot of difficulty with eating, sleeping, and breathing in general!  My heart was squeezing so tight when I had to leave my brave little boy in the hands of the doctors and nurses and walk away.  Holding him while he was 'put under' and seeing the trust in his eyes just about undid me.  The waiting was pure agony!  We were so very happy to see him hours later and hear that it went well.

Unfortunately, he already has to have this surgery repeated in May, and it is quite possible that he will need this procedure redone every three to four months.  Although it could be much just rips my heart apart that he has to go through this...he is six years old!  Please keep praying for a cure to CF....

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