Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Have Not Left the Country!

How life stays so consistently busy, I'll never know.  We are so long overdue for a VACATION.....!  The past six months have been full of major house renovations, on top of the usual chaos of life.  I would love to say that our addition is almost complete....but we have a fairly long road yet.  I can, however, say that the dirtiest part of the drywall work is almost over.  I can't wait until our wall of plastic in the kitchen is taken down and we can enjoy our much needed additional space!

Carter's CT Scan
Since Carter started Kindergarten this past fall, we have battled one cold after another in our house.  His little nose just has been having a rough time.  It is constantly stuffed and blocked, & his sinuses are always giving him pain and agony.  Finally, they discovered what I had started to suspect....nasal polyps.  These will need to be removed to make breathing easier for him.  At the moment we are on a serious regime of nasal rinses, Nasonex, and antibiotics to clear everything up as much as possible in preparation for his upcoming surgery.  Last night, he had a CT Scan of his sinuses...which he actually thought was kind of a cool thing.   We have been so lucky up to now, with no hospitalizations or surgeries.  Last night at the hospital, we saw numerous children walking past with more issues than we are currently having & I was reminded to be grateful even in our situation.  This surgery will pass, with hopefully no complications.  Carter will be able to breathe easier again, and life will go on.

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