Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Experience for our Little Boys!

When Carter was a baby, we took him to the swimming pool 5-10 times...that was before he was diagnosed at 19 months.  It was glorious to have no fear, and no worries....a totally fun, and normal experience that most families take for granted.  However, when we first met with his CF Team, the doctors cautioned us regarding swimming for Carter.  His first doctor, told us that swimming in a lake would be more acceptable than a pool.  Then they switched him to a new doctor who told us that a pool is probably a better choice than a lake....but that he would prefer if we kept him out of pools until he was 5-6 years old.  We really had a difficult time with these opinions.  It made me so sad that such a normal activity that every child should enjoy....that had been a huge part of my childhood....was not recommended to be a part of Carter's childhood.
A big part of the issue is a nasty bacteria called Pseudomonas.  Pseudomonas, while it does not affect normal lungs, can cause nasty lung damaging infections in a person with Cystic Fibrosis.  This bacteria can be found everywhere, but especially where it is wet or moist.  It is often a difficult bacteria to get rid of and usually means extra treatments of nebulized antibiotics added to the normal demanding routine.

Carter is now five years old.  Throughout the years since his diagnosis, he has only played in lakes.  However, the opportunity arose for us to participate in our church's pizza/swimming night at our local pool, and we decided it was time.  So last night, I'm excited to say...we took our boys swimming!  Carter had a blast, of course! He absolutely loved it, and was sad to leave.  It was also a first time for our 15 month old son, Jace.  He had no fear, and enjoyed himself immensely as well.

It felt great to go out with our family and friends.  I can't say that I felt totally relaxed...but it will get better.   One day, maybe I won't notice the drops of pool water that Carter swallows, and wonder what nasty things could be growing in it.  Meanwhile, it was satisfying to see the joy on both of my son's faces, and to be able to share this 'first' with them.  Hopefully, it is the first of many more family swim nights!

If you want to join with us in the fight against CF, please check out the Great Strides Walk page to join Carter's Crew or sponsor Carter. You can also check out the 2011 Events page, and help us by attending, or spreading the word about our upcoming fundraisers.  Thank you!

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