Monday, April 4, 2011

Fundraiser Update!

Wow!  Our CF fundraiser "The Great Adventure" went by in such a blur yesterday!  It was an amazing day of hard work, and adrenaline!  Yet in the midst of all the chaos, I was overwhelmed by the huge show of support.  We are blessed to have FANTASTIC friends....seriously blessed.

The event started at 2:00 with our Scavenger Hunt participants meeting at the hall for the big send-off.  I'm not even sure yet how many teams we ended up with, but I am guessing at somewhere between 20-25 teams of 3-6 people.  When we said "Go", it was a good thing we were standing out of the way of the stampede that followed!

Apparently, we had enough items on the hunt list, because no one came back until right near the end time.  From the sounds of it, everyone had a lot of fun, which made us happy!

The meal....well, if you had seen the kitchen activity preparing to get the meal would have been in awe.  The meal was totally prepared by volunteers, and directed by my friend/fundraiser partner Colleen.  For about 20 minutes, it was a crazy rush....okay, it was an insane chaos of organized madness!  In the end, the meal was a great success! (and hours later when I was able to eat was super yummy!)

The part I was dreading in the little speech...ended up okay.  It is sure tough to speak about something so close to your heart.  In fact, my heart just breaks each time I have to say "my son has Cystic Fibrosis" out loud.  It is like reliving a horrible nightmare over and over. Even though we are used to dealing with CF daily, I don't think the news we received that horrible day will ever get old.  However, I wanted to help people understand how much CF needs their support and how grateful we are for their support, so I stumbled through it with a shaky voice but without a complete meltdown! My hubby had the great idea to show " Getting Nosey About CF with Oli & Nush " to help explain CF.  It helped me to avoid words that I didn't want to use (like fatal, life expectancy, age of survival) in front to my five year old son. That would have opened up a whole lot of confusion, and questions from him that I am not yet prepared to face. 

The evening ended with everyone heading over to Grandin Theatres to watch the movie "Tangled" with their families.  I only caught the last ten minutes, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

During the meal, and after, my awesome friends & family totally overwhelmed me.  We had our group of great volunteers in place to help with the evening of course.  But out of every corner, friends & family who were supposed to be just enjoying the event were jumping up like crazy to pitch in!  People were helping to serve drinks, clear tables, do dishes, pack up leftover food, clean, and haul our boxes out to the cars.  It saved our small group of volunteers a lot of extra time, really warmed my heart, and filled me with immense amounts of gratitude!

My only big regret from the whole event was that we were just too busy to take any pictures.  Thankfully, Saint City News, and SNAP came by and took some...I am looking forward to seeing them.

The St. Albert Kinsmen were amazingly supportive, our sponsors were generous, and the crowd was a group of fabulous people!   We are happy to have a God that guides our steps, and has our back:)

In the end, our event went very well, and raised over $2300 for Cystic Fibrosis Canada!


P.S. If you are planning to walk with Carter's Crew on May 29, please sign up asap.  We are ordering the team shirts this week:)  Go to the Great Strides page for more details.

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