Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Just to start the day off on the right foot, I'm participating in Thankful Thursday over at Run Sick Boy Run. 
Today I am thankful for:
  • Those with a passion for fighting CF.  My heart and mind are daily involved in fighting CF.  It has become a huge part of who I am.  My name is Kim....and I fight CF for my son, Carter.  I hold dear to my heart anyone who stands up and supports CF without hesitation.  Every person who donates graciously, volunteers willingly, gets involved are making a difference.  You are my heroes, and you are the reason we have hope for a cure in our son's lifetime.
  • Elastics....yes, kind of odd I know.  However, you need to know my one year old, Jace.  He is an adorable mischief maker.  I put things back in one drawer to turn around and find that he has emptied another cupboard...and is standing there with a proud look on his face.  This goes on and on all day wonder I have such a hard time getting anything accomplished!  I refuse to screw child locks on all my furniture.  So everywhere you look in my house....ELASTICS.  I realize, they will only keep him out for so long, but for now, they do the trick. P2022631P2022629
  • Bedtime prayers.  Yesterday, my brother's dog passed away.  He was a big...BIG....Great Pyrenees.  His family is pretty sad about it, of course.  Well, at bedtime, Carter remembered them in his prayers.  I thought it was so sweet. "Dear God, Please be with Tyler and Ashley, and Uncle and them to feel better.  Please take care of Spot in heaven.  Thank you that you died for us.  Amen."  Short, simple, and straight from his 5 year old heart.  I love the simple and growing faith I hear when he prays.   R.I.P. Spot.  


  1. Great post Kim! That boy of yours is so sweet. And elastics are a wonderful thing! We've added them to the back of our bathroom door knobs that push and twist to Elliot can't accidentally lock himself in anymore! Tricia

  2. You're a real life MacGyver with your use of those elastics!!



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