Saturday, January 8, 2011

You know you live in Canada when…

15-20 cm of snow last night with 15 more on the way!  I think Winter is planning to stay for awhile.  Dave's mission this morning was to clear the driveway to make sure his snowmobiling buddies could get in…you know how it goes...come hell or high water...nothing gets in the way of snowmobiling:) 
I snapped a few shots this morning, then returned to our cozy warm little house to tackle the morning routine as usual. Carter is fighting a bad cold, but his first comments to his dad this morning were that he wanted to “help him clear the snow with his machines.” Good thing we dug them out of the snow bank before bed last night!
Dave decided to tackle the snow with a bit more power…
Above is the sleigh my DAD made for his grandkids about 11 years ago.  I use it often, with sweet memories.  It is perfect for pushing down the road to pick up the mail.
Our awesome dog of 9 years, Yukon, wasn’t looking to impressed this morning.  I have a feeling we’ll have a lot of fun with him and these over the next few weeks!
Have a great weekend!

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