Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weight Watching Wednesday - WEEK NINE

Surprise!  I managed to shed those pesky holiday pounds quickly! I definitely know how I did it...and I don't recommend this method.  Both kids have been sick.  So with all the extra physio for Carter and pacing the floor with has worn the pounds right off!  I've just been too busy and too tired from the many sleepless nights lately to think about food.  So in the end, I am right back in the game, and will continue from Week 8!  (As always, if you want to join me, link up or comment so I can follow how you are doing!!  Check out Week One to see why I am so determined to reach my weight goal.)


Pounds still to lose: 5.5
Pounds lost this week: -1.5 (since week 8)
Total Pounds LOST: 9.5

If any of you have an iphone, I found some fantastic apps this week that you should definitely check out! 
First is a really simple, but helpful and easy to use app called Target WeightIt helps track your daily weight loss, BMI and goals.  I am using it regularly, and loving it.

 The other app is Nike Training.  I, for obvious reasons, have not had the time to try this out...but I have it downloaded and ready for when my children are a little more cooperative!  It looks awesome! Best of all, both of these apps are free!

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