Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Outdoor Christmas Adventures!

We had a great time in the great outdoors many times over the holidays!  I really want to help Carter and Jace develop a love for all things active and outdoors.  (Ask my hubby....I loathe video games...more time in front of the TV is not what I want for my children.)  I am a firm believer in getting outside...clearing the cobwebs from our brains, and getting some good old-fashioned exercise.  We are blessed with living on an acreage with lots of farmland around us to use...this is how we spent the holidays!IMG_2280
Snowmobiling is a favourite of Carter’s!
We spent an afternoon making ice candles for our patio…definitely doing more of these!
Lots of snowshoeing!
Carter does great snowshoeing, but sometimes needs a little break…so Dad gives him a ride.
Yes…the donkey hats were a Christmas present!
(Above:  Carter and I taking a break!)
We took Carter on his first big snowmobiling excursion…a whole day at Athabasca.  He LOVED it!!  After waking up at 5:30am to get treatments in before we left, then an hour drive….we arrived back at the truck from snowmobiling around 4pm.  Carter was disappointed and said to his dad: “But daddddd, I thought we were snowmobiling ALL day!”  What a trooper our little man is!

WE LOVED our holidays with so much time outside…in fact…we are going to keep it up all winterSmile!

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  1. I love those ice candles! Looks like you had fun. We have a 13 yr old w/cf...wish we could get him away from video games & TV more. It is a constant fight. Keep up the great job!



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