Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fundraising Pep Rally! Are you READY?

The Great Strides Walk for CF 2011 is right around the corner...are you ready for this season of fundraising?  It is always a crazy busy time for many of us CF parents .  If you are like me...you get totally exhausted and frustrated, but completely inspired all at the same time.  With all of the organizing of teams, shirts, donation letters, emails, and fundraising events.....the list is endless! ALL of this is in addition to our regular craziness of fighting CF on a daily basis (hours of treatments/meds & appointments for our little CF superheroes), as well as keeping our households running somewhat smoothly!  So, do you need an extra kick to get yourself going this year?  A friend posted this video today (thanks Terri!) and I think it is a great video to keep in mind, and it totally inspired me as I thought about the fundraising season approaching!  Let’s reach that extra degree this year!
212 The Extra Degree  (better quality)

or watch it below:
The Great Strides Walk for CF is a fun and inspiring time for all of us.  It is the moment that months of hard fundraising work comes together, and it is the moment of sweet relief that it is over for another year!  Even though it is also friendly competition between teams, it is important that we all work together!  So lets share what works for us, and lets give each other advice and ideas.  Maybe even work together with another team for an event or two!  After all, our goal is not to be THE team with the most money raised…our goal is to be A TEAM TOGETHER with every other person fighting for a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis.  Together….we can make it happen.

PULLING TOGETHER (short video clip)
Carter`s Crew….Mark your calendarsSmile!
May 29, 2011

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