Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weight Watching Wednesday - WEEK SEVEN!

I am succeeding in my goal to lose weight and become more active!  I want to be active and healthy for my little man with CF so I can be a good example and have the energy to get out and be active with him!  I am also doing this for my 11 month old son, Jace.  He is going to need to be active and have self-discipline to keep a healthy weight in this house!

(You can click HERE to see week one!  I've been doing this on my own, but as always, if anyone else wants to join me, link up below, or comment!  I'd love some company!)


Pounds still to lose: 6
Pounds lost/gained this week: -1.5
Total Pounds LOST:9!!!

Woo hoo! I can't believe I managed to drop 1.5 this week....inspite of my newly acquired taste for Carter's little project!  If I can make it through Christmas without gaining, I'll be so excited!  Now if I can just get rid of the baby jelly belly....New Year Core classes here I come!

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