Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cards...yikes.

I have to say, I am SOOOOO BEHIND!!   I don't think I've ever left the Christmas cards this late.  So, here I sit at the kitchen table surrounded by a mountain of cards...blogging:)  My problem is that I feel lost.  I had every one of my friends, family, and Great Strides supporters, listed in detail in the contacts of my iphone.  It was a beautiful list, complete with the correct spelling of children's names and birthdays....sigh.  My iphone was stolen a few months ago, and thrown in the garbage by a 6 year old.  No more awesome list of people to send cards to.  It just seems like a monumental task trying to pull all that info together once again.  (Especially, since the laptop I used this past Great Strides season also crashed permanently!) But it has to be done.  We are really wanting to make sure that the companies that took the time to generously support our Great Strides fund-raising know that we are still grateful, and that we wish them a wonderful Christmas.  I actually made our cards for mailing to these companies...simple but nice...I think anyhow!
(Special thanks to Heather Dehaas for taking the original picture...I wish it was a little more recent, we are definitely overdue for more pictures!  We added some Christmas to it using www.picnik.com)
The inside has this verse:

"In this season of giving,
our family is taking time to 
remember how you graciously supported
our son, Carter, by giving to 
The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 
in the past year.
May the true meaning of the season bring peace 
to your heart this Christmas, and
may God bless you in the New Year.  
Merry Christmas!"

I'm sure many of you understand the deep appreciation that I feel for these companies, for taking the time to support CF when I'm sure they have endless donation requests.  It means so much to us, and every dollar that gets donated truly does give us hope.  Don't forget to keep good relationships with those that support CF!  Without them, we would have no hope for a cure for those we love so much.

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