Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weight Watching Wednesday - WEEK EIGHT

December 22...I made it eight weeks without gaining....until now!   I do plan to enjoy this Christmas week in moderation, and hope to get through until after New Year's without gaining much more.  We have skating and sledding on the "to do" list this week, which will hopefully help! So, next Wednesday, I will give myself a break and not post, but the following week....back on the band wagon!

(You can click HERE to see week one!  I've been doing this on my own, but as always, if anyone else wants to join me, let me know...I'd love some company!)


Pounds still to lose: 7
Pounds lost/gained this week: +1
Total Pounds LOST: 8

Three days from Christmas, and we are all HEALTHY!  Thank you Lord!  Praying that all of you have a healthy and peace-filled Christmas too.  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weight Watching Wednesday - WEEK SEVEN!

I am succeeding in my goal to lose weight and become more active!  I want to be active and healthy for my little man with CF so I can be a good example and have the energy to get out and be active with him!  I am also doing this for my 11 month old son, Jace.  He is going to need to be active and have self-discipline to keep a healthy weight in this house!

(You can click HERE to see week one!  I've been doing this on my own, but as always, if anyone else wants to join me, link up below, or comment!  I'd love some company!)


Pounds still to lose: 6
Pounds lost/gained this week: -1.5
Total Pounds LOST:9!!!

Woo hoo! I can't believe I managed to drop 1.5 this week....inspite of my newly acquired taste for Carter's little project!  If I can make it through Christmas without gaining, I'll be so excited!  Now if I can just get rid of the baby jelly belly....New Year Core classes here I come!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cards...yikes.

I have to say, I am SOOOOO BEHIND!!   I don't think I've ever left the Christmas cards this late.  So, here I sit at the kitchen table surrounded by a mountain of cards...blogging:)  My problem is that I feel lost.  I had every one of my friends, family, and Great Strides supporters, listed in detail in the contacts of my iphone.  It was a beautiful list, complete with the correct spelling of children's names and birthdays....sigh.  My iphone was stolen a few months ago, and thrown in the garbage by a 6 year old.  No more awesome list of people to send cards to.  It just seems like a monumental task trying to pull all that info together once again.  (Especially, since the laptop I used this past Great Strides season also crashed permanently!) But it has to be done.  We are really wanting to make sure that the companies that took the time to generously support our Great Strides fund-raising know that we are still grateful, and that we wish them a wonderful Christmas.  I actually made our cards for mailing to these companies...simple but nice...I think anyhow!
(Special thanks to Heather Dehaas for taking the original picture...I wish it was a little more recent, we are definitely overdue for more pictures!  We added some Christmas to it using
The inside has this verse:

"In this season of giving,
our family is taking time to 
remember how you graciously supported
our son, Carter, by giving to 
The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 
in the past year.
May the true meaning of the season bring peace 
to your heart this Christmas, and
may God bless you in the New Year.  
Merry Christmas!"

I'm sure many of you understand the deep appreciation that I feel for these companies, for taking the time to support CF when I'm sure they have endless donation requests.  It means so much to us, and every dollar that gets donated truly does give us hope.  Don't forget to keep good relationships with those that support CF!  Without them, we would have no hope for a cure for those we love so much.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perfect Christmas Project for Carter!

Today we tackled a cool little baking project that was just right for Carter.  He had so much fun, and they turned out so AWESOME!  We are going to make these for all his little friends.  They are called Pretzel Hugs, and we found the idea on the Echoes of Laughter of my new favorite blogs for great craft and baking ideas!  (You can go there to get detailed directions!)

Once the Hershey Hugs were softened, he pushed red/green smarties into the Hershey hug to top them off.
Then I made a nifty label, and bagged them up!  The back of the label says "Made by:" and then Carter signed his name.  The first batch went to Grandma, but there are definitely more bags of these being made up in the next few days!  (If anyone else does this project, I am more than happy to email the tag that I made to you and save you some time:))  Have a great night!

Water Woes

We live on a farm, so we get our water from a well.  Our well water is horrible...we are talking gray and smelly like rotten eggs awful.  It eats away at our fixtures and stains our bathtub, it tarnishes cheap metals.  Sounds lovely doesn't it?  It is a blessing that we are so used to the smell that we don't notice it anymore.  Because of this bad water, we have always had to have expensive water treatment systems to make it tolerable.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.  A month or so ago, we became tired of having troubles with the system we had, so we had another company install another new system. 

We do not drink our water, but the quality is very important to us since we have our one son with Cystic Fibrosis, and an 11 month old baby that take baths/showers in it.  So imagine my frustration, that we are still having problems!!!  The new water system is installed in my mom's house next door...our water lines come from her house.  Her water is great now, ours still is not. We have lived with heavy chlorine in our water for several weeks now...trying to clean out the water lines with no luck. We even bought a new hot water tank to try to solve the smell issue. The latest consensus as of this morning is that we may have to retrench a new water line between our houses.  It is winter...the ground is already frozen.    Sigh.  We could get a cistern...but that brings a whole new set of problems. Guess I'll be taking a water sample to the lab to make sure our present water is at least bacteria free until spring.  It will be an amazing day when we can get city water!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Preschool Concert 2010

Carter's concert went very well this morning! I've never seen my son blush was super sweet!  Carter is the one in the red shirt.  (The pic is a bit blurry...I had squirming Jace in my arms.)

Weight Watching Wednesday - Week 6

Click HERE to see what this is all about!


Pounds still to lose: 7.5
Pounds lost/gained this week: -0.5
Total Pounds LOST: 7.5

Ugh...tough week with Christmas parties starting!  At least I still pulled off a little bit.  I had my first glass of wine in two years this past week...I sure enjoyed it!  No parties this coming week, so I really will have no excuse to not have a loss again next week.  (Except, I have to do a tiny bit of baking...)  I am feeling great!  I've dropped a size, and am fitting into a lot of my clothes again!

This morning, Carter has his last preschool before Christmas.  It is their Christmas concert this morning!  I can't wait to see how cute this to come hopefully.  Have a great day!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Those Darn Dark Circles.

Both my husband and I noticed today, that the dark circles under Carter's eyes are darker today.  What does this mean?  I am praying that he is not getting sick again.  Over the past few years I've come to associate it with his little body "fighting something."  I have no clue if that is right.  It is just one of those days where he 'looks' like a child with an illness....I HATE that so much.  My hubby actually asked me if there was a vitamin or something he could take to help with that.  Well, to my knowledge, no....but what do I know?  I am wondering if this happens with any other CF kids?  So today, I sent Carter for a nap...much to his dismay!  If he is fighting a bug, we are going to try all we can to squash it before it makes itself at home!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weight Watching Wednesday - WEEK 5!

Click HERE to see what this is all about!


Pounds still to lose:8
Pounds lost/gained this week: -1
Total Pounds LOST:7

Not too much to jump for joy about this week...just one little pound.  Next week, watch for two pounds :) !  I am now at my pre-Jace weight...heading for my pre-Carter weight just 7 pounds away!

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!  I am taking Carter to preschool soon, and heading out to do a couple hours of shopping with my littlest man, Jace.


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