Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Breakfast!

Carter ate FIVE waffles for breakfast....and a yogurt, and his homo milk.  I figured out that he got about 20 grams of fat from the magarine alone.  Breakfast is the meal that we can cram all of the fat/calories in that he needs.  It has always been his best meal.  We rotate between pancakes/waffles, hot flavoured oatmeal, and cold cereal.  For some reason, toast and eggs are unappealing to him...I don't blame him for the eggs, but I don't understand how a person doesn't like toast?  Lunch is usually useless in our house.  I have to strongly encourage Carter to eat a small amount.  He has taken to requesting a "lunch snack" instead of "lunch."  I guess his breakfast sustains him through the whole day!  By suppertime he usually eats an acceptable amount.  However, his bedtime snack is the time he becomes a ravenous eating machine once again.  It is normal for him to consume an applesauce cup (or 2), a yogurt, a couple of bearpaw cookies, some apple slices, and then complain that he is still hungry!!

Carter is going to be 5 in January.  He weighs 37 pounds, which is not bad....but it is a constant struggle for him to gain weight.  My husband and I were looking through some old pictures from Carter's babyhood the other day.  It is amazing, looking back, at how far he has come.
 The picture above was taken when Carter was 15 months old.  We thought it was strange that his belly would get so big after a meal...little did we know that this was a classic sign of CF.  Just 4 months later he would be labeled as being in the 'failure to thrive' category and sent for tests which would show Cystic Fibrosis.
 This is Carter a few months ago.  He's doing very well, and is your typical happy, full of energy little boy!  We are so thankful for the advancements in CF care, and it is our daily prayer that one day soon, we'll have a cure for our son.

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