Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weight Watching Wednesday - WEEK TWO

Weight loss with a 4 year old CFer in the house, combined with no will-power, just does not work!  Since my second son, Jace, arrived 9 1/2 months ago, it has been an ongoing struggle to lose the baby weight.   I eat when I'm stressed, eat when I'm tired (all the time!), and eat when I'm ...I just generally eat, and I'm always hungry.  The life of a CF mom is busy, and it can be tough to find time to pay attention to ourselves.  I thought I'd start Weight Watching Wednesday to hold myself accountable.  I need to do this to set a good example for my sons, & this is something I need to do for me!

My blog is still pretty new, & I'm not sure if anyone out there wants to join me on this journey, but you are more than welcome!  Link up below, or use the comment area, if you wish, so we can follow each others progress & be encouraged by each other.


Pounds still to lose:  11.5
Pounds lost/gained this week:  -3.5
Total Pounds LOST: 3.5

My hubby wanted in on this challenge too...although he has opted for a less noticable approach:)  (Really bugs me that his pepsi/ diet is working for him...) Here are his stats...

Pounds still to lose:  33.5
Pounds lost/gained this week: -1.5
Total Pounds LOST: 1.5

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