Saturday, November 6, 2010


INTERESTING CF SITES that I've discovered this week...anything from news articles, to cool fundraisers, merchandise for CF, and so on. Enjoy!

The Bonnell Foundation- I talked about this site a few weeks ago. They have put together a beautiful calendar for CF.  I was excited to receive mine last week and it did not disappoint!  It is a high quality, inspirational calendar.  I strongly recommend ordering one for yourself.

Donate Your Car to CF  - Canadians can donate their old clunkers to CF at this site.

Famous People with CF -  Find a few more HERE

Severe lack of time this week left me scrambling for some sites at last minute this week. I don't know how the weeks pass so quickly. 
Driving home this evening, I noticed that there are quite a few homes with Christmas lights on already, and one with a Christmas tree!  That is always shocking to me to see it so early!  My rule has always been Dec. 1 for decorating, otherwise it just doesn't seem as special.  Just my thoughts...
Enjoy your Sunday!

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