Thursday, November 18, 2010

Really Praying Tonight

Ugh.  It is one of those nights.  The kind where I am praying and wishing with all of my heart that we had a cure for CF and for Carter.  It is 3:30 am...& we are doing an unplanned neb/physio session...even though I thought the midnight treatment was the last until morning. This is really going to hurt tomorrow.  But, I woke a little bit ago to hear Carter constantly coughing, and there is no way I could not get up and help him.  I just get visions in my mind of his clogged little lungs being damaged with all of the crap stuck in there.  He must feel such irritation when he is having trouble clearing them.  Yesterday, at his clinic appt. his Doctor increased his Ventolin dosage.  I am hoping that it helps us kick this cough/cold.  We are sitting here in the dark watching 'Comfy Couch' while Carter's nebulizer is finishing up.  He asked me to bring him a bowl in case he throws up.  His mucous often causes him to gag when he coughs, and he knows he might need it tonight.  Breaks my heart.   Really and truly.

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