Monday, November 29, 2010

Counting Down!

Finally!  My hubby is about 30 minutes from getting home from his 4 day snowmobiling holiday!  I am so excited to have him home and have the company of an adult (lol....kind of use that term loosely!)  I am in awe of single moms, more than on earth do they keep their sanity?  It is hard work being the sole person in charge of everything!

Jace, my 10 month old, has been teething like crazy...not a happy little dude.  He chews on everything!  His new love this evening has been Carter's nebulizer tubing.
Carter was a pretty good kid this weekend...other than being a lot more hyper these days.  I'm still blaming the increase in his Ventolin dosage.

It's time to do Carter's physio about now.  Jace is wanting up already.  It may just be one of those sessions where Jace sits on top of Carter on my lap, pulling my hair and sucking his thumb, while I "paddle" away at Carter's precious little lungs.

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