Saturday, November 20, 2010

And so it continues...

Carter's cough is a stubborn one this time.  We've been doing 4 treatments/day for almost two weeks...that is 3 1/2 - 4 hours/day for my little man.  He is tired, I am tired.  This is one of the reasons we try to avoid colds so diligently.  It is just not fun for anyone.

I mentioned in my previous post that Carter's doctor increased his Ventolin neb dosage last Wednesday.  It seems that he has been coughing even more since then.  I'm assuming that means it is working better at opening his airways to cough all the stuff out.  I just wish he would cough hard enough to be more productive ...he tends to suppress his coughs to avoid gagging.

I am anxiously awaiting his latest throat swab results.  Amazingly, he has been clear of any growth in his lungs since early spring!  He has frequently been on antibiotics for Staph, so it has actually been a welcome relief.  It is amazing how much easier his schedule feels when you lose one antibiotic 3x/day.  However, it has been feeling too good to be true.  The nurse made sure she got a very good swab this time...we'll see what they find.

Carter is being his usual trooper self.  No complaints.  He is loving the fact that we now have enough snow to play in.  He is looking forward to having his grandma over tonight to take care of him and his brother.  Dave and I actually get to go out to a Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for a friend's daycare.  I am hoping I can actually eat a hot & relaxing meal since I will have no kids to tend to!  Woot! Woot! (Can you tell we don't get out much?)

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