Sunday, October 24, 2010


INTERESTING CF SITES that I've discovered this week...anything from news articles, to cool fundraisers, merchandise for CF, and so on.  Enjoy!

CF Skin wrinkling in water - This I found very interesting!  I've always wondered about my son's excessive skin wrinkling after he came out of his bath...

Flashmob - Came across this awareness event....this short video clip brought a smile to my face.

CF Trivia Game - Try your hand at a little CF trivia.

A Wish For Taylor  - This is not CF related...but it really breaks my heart and actually makes me thankful that my son has CF...a disease with hope for a cure in his lifetime.  This story about little Taylor is unfolding here in Edmonton right now...she has cancer...and has been given only 6 months to live.  Join the Facebook Group here.
It is amazingly awesome how people from near and far are pulling together to make this a special time for her family.
Watch a recent News Clip

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