Monday, October 25, 2010

Menu Monday

The BIG GOAL here is finding foods that fill up my little CFer with healthy high fat/calorie foods that he enjoys...& meanwhile allowing the rest of us to attain and maintain a healthy weight!  If we didn't "encourage" Carter to eat other foods, he would only eat vegetables and fruit.  It is a constant battle to get the calories into him and not so many into us!  I've found a variety of recipes that he enjoys, and we do too.  I'm really not sure if I can be organized enough to do this every week...but here is our family menu for this week!

with salad (full fat dressing for C...light for us), and rice (w/some margarine on C's)


Italian sausage/potatoes (still looking for a great casserole recipe...)

Crockpot Pork Chops
This is for 3-4 small pork chops (double the recipe for more) 
in crockpot put 1 can mushroom soup
add 1/4 to half the mushroom soup can of water
add half a package of dry onion soup mix add pork chops
cook in crockpot on low for about 6 hours 
serve with rice and pour mixture on top of rice!

+ Steamed veggies (w/margarine for C)

Eat out.

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