Friday, September 17, 2010

The Dreaded Cold Season

YUP, It is definitely here.  The season that us CF mommies dread like the plague.  Our little son, Jace, picked up a cold....and has been leaking and sneezing/coughing like crazy.  Pretty safe to assume...we are ALL going to get it.  How can one escape it when everything he touches goes in his mouth, and his little fingers touch everything?

So I've been watching Carter...trying to keep him a bit farther away than usual from his impossible task!  We've been washing our hands a lot more.....and if you know us, you're probably thinking "how can you wash more than you already do?"  LOL!  At this point, Carter's been holding up well, although, his nose seems a bit drippy this morning.

Some people think we are being overprotective when we keep Carter from snotty noses, and sneezes etc.  But when Carter gets a cold it is actually a major issue, not to mention a total life interruption.  Not only is his health at risk from a simple cold, but everything gets disrupted.  His treatments usually take about two hours/day when he is healthy.  Well....when he is sick, we do treatments 4-6 times throughout the day and night.  This works out to about 4-5 hours each day.  It gets exhausting very quickly!  But, we have to keep pounding all of that extra mucus out of his lungs to avoid serious infections from settling in.  So I can paddle his little lungs until my arms are ready to fall off and then some, if it means keeping his lungs from infection and damage.
It can take him a long time to recover....& that is really tough for him to not see friends, and to have to miss his weekly classes!  Simple colds are not simple for Carter.  They mean extra treatments, extra medications, extra doctor visits, and lots of extra concern.

So please, now that we are in this dreaded season....
  • wash your hands often
  • cover your coughs/sneezes with your arm
  • don't spread your colds...please stay home!
Everyone will be healthier, and this mom (& CF mommies everywhere!) will be a lot less stressed!

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